Friday, February 26, 2010

penguin in the desert.

i'm feeling bad about myself lately.

not that i've messed up anything, really. it's just... blaming myself for being trapped inside this high school i've been going to for nearly three years now. and true, the biggest regret sadly comes at the end, when graduation is in a couple of months.

argh, blame the jealousy.

i met this childhood friend of mine last sunday to attend her seventeenth bday party, just right to see her unimagined success of being a student of UNSW Sydney for a semester already. it's like swallowing a fishbone right through my throat to say i'm still the same old and dull, currently is getting rotten in an unknown public school of a primitive island. 

i caught myself questioning: where is this person, who were told by everyone that she had been a brilliant girl. who kept her dream so passionate of flying across the world. but now she's no more than a penguin who lost his way in the midst of desert. pathetic, indeed; while she actually deserves more.

i demand more. I'M DYING TO GET OUTTA HERE.

well, not too long though. counting seconds to welcome july and the-so-wanted-freedom.

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