Tuesday, March 23, 2010


hell, i wish.

I'm really hoping for him to earn the best. i do pray! if it's what he decides, that it's what his parents want him to do, then how could i resist? if it's what he decides, that he's going to be a psychologist—a once-abandoned-dream of mine—instead of an architect, then why should not i feel happy for him? and if it's really what he finally decides, that he changed mind, that he is rather going to udayana univ and staying in this island than moving to bandung, then what can i say? it's the best for him... ain't it? i believe it will. he'll do great in everything he does.

but there's something keeps on trembling inside here.

please kamisama, i don't want to have to put on a fake smile when i supposed to be pleased for his success.

is it true that such thing called selfishness banished when love occurs?

after all, the reason why i caught myself being admitted to unpar is him, at the very first place...

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