Monday, March 8, 2010

to be a realist.

i was relatively in a pretty good mood, so i didn't post anything here lately ^^a instead i put some stuffs in my Tumblr. but then anyway, i found out somethings summon this melancholic part of me so i ended up here tonite, hehe.

i used to think that i'm an absolute realist before. such skeptical and pessimistic, i sticked my feet to the ground. i rarely had any dreams. no, not really. i only do what i fell like to, or moreover, must to. but heaven knows what monster i'm turning to, once i had something i desire stuck in mind. obsessions, or so-it-called.

but mostly they didn't really turn up to become reality.

take an example for instance,
my biggest wannabe is becoming a patissiere, or else, an idol.

alrite, just give a strikethrough already to the second option.

i sincerely want to think naively that what's the most important thing while you're alive is doing what you really wanna do. money is an easy case, you can find it anyway. it sounds really idealist, isn't it? surely, nobody else in the family would ever think in the same way.

so by the end, i need to put this dream aside for awhile, doing what they think i should do. international relations isn't a bad major to take, of course. not bad at all. what i need to do is only focusing my other interest and see whether i'll have a different thought in the next four years ahead. Paris would always be there to be stopped by, rite?

"The doors would always be opened. All you have to do is keep walking through and see what awaits behind them."

this is what i keep in mind. i really don't mind taking a bit further route if by the end it will lead me to the same destination. let's say this is just another travel of live, shouldn't i?

i really don't mind being a realist, for this current.

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