Saturday, August 28, 2010


it's raining here lately.
i should have gone asleep.
the drowse is getting every last bit of me.
the morning would come in any minute to take me into another page of story.

but my mind is going mad.
can't take it off of his clear figure playing inside.

whom fate brought to my presence.

Listening to the rain, the rhythm is distinct
Your breathing soaks my love like the falling rain
I hope that rain will continue to pour
Let me continue to miss you
Let my love become transparent
I fell in love with the courage that gave me rainie love


i can't forget the looks in his face.
the gaze of his eyes.
of our first met.

the gentle of his voice.
the feeling of his presence.
of our second met.

his smile.
his touch.
his story.

why is it, i feel as if we're so far while we were managed to be so close?

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