Saturday, November 20, 2010


hi, it's me again.
it's been awhile.

everything runs down so well lately.
i mean, there's him and everybody else.
life is just too perfect.
i can hardly complain about it.

well, sometimes there are holes to fix.
and shits to burn.
but here i am.
all up and content again.

it's not like i completely forget, though.

things about you, things about us—
if you don't mind having this term of 'us' exists
—how could i possibly do?

i feel like i might need to feel gulity.
for not throwing our pictures away from my wallet.
for keeping them.
for embracing the memories.

still, i guess it's all thanks to you.
that wonders start coming through my door.
i can cherish every single lil' things i have now.
because you taught me to be so.

the words you said before.
you'll always be wishing for my best.
i can feel it somehow.
your kindness. your sincerity.

so i'll do the same.

you see, i managed to do well without you.
and i won't stop.
behalf of this life you're once abandoning.
i'll live happily.

although our paths they did crossed.
now we're apart and living different lives.
let's sing the song only we know.
the least thing we can do together. 

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