Wednesday, January 19, 2011


it was a perfect ordinary day. a usual nightfall.
that's why you won't believe me if i'm telling you what the message which suddenly appeared on my cellphone said.
just exactly like the way i couldn't believe my own eyes at that time.

he's coming over.
yea. he said he would.
and i was like, literally jumped off my bed.

flabbergasted would be the best term to describe my condition back there.
or dumbfound, only i wasn't be able to find anyone to be super-enthusiastically rambled at.
so yeah, hiding my 'goes like ba-dhump ba-dhump' heart i went to face him.
and there it went, our past an hour time-warping.

a second one.
once in his place.
once in my place.

i wonder how i managed to keep my sanity so well until this very day.
after staring at those bright and deep eyes without being able to read any pieces of his mind at all.
i should have been going crazy. rite.

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