Wednesday, February 9, 2011

dream on.

i found myself doing something unusual earlier this day, which apparently only happens once after quite period of time had already passed (let's say... almost four years already?). i was thinking about this one guy and without me considering any further, i ended up 'accidentally' stumbling upon his profile page in facebook. oh, it was embarassing.

so, hmm... i had this kind of "oh, so this is how he looks like now" thought, realizing we haven't met each other for so long. last time we saw each other was a coincidental one, while we were passing by on the same street during my day off. we went to different senior high, but i occasionally visited his school since it was located right next to my junior high so that is how it was. and yea, he is one of my junior high school mate. however, it was the same shy and timid him on that day. he still couldn't pull any braveness to call me over, just like he used to, though i'm sure that our eyes did met. those pure, wide, and innocent eyes i was once immobilized with. lol. sure brings back memory. well... he doesn't seem to be that tiny little boy anymore now. at least from what i've seen on his page. i saw his cheerful form, his confident and bright side i haven't seen before, so i guess he did grew up too. that's good, i think.

i'm glad he made it to the art school. i'm positive that he will do more than just fine there. he is one of the most genius artist i've ever known, anyway. looking back now, i'm a bit surprised by the fact that i acknowledged so many talented people in art out there. in fact, i was surrounded by them. while i myself is no more than just a pile of greatest failure compilation of a human-being can have in an artsy world. oh well, not that it matters.

the funniest part was that i did found these pics of him and his gf and i just couldn't help but trying to compare between me and this girl... which i shouldn't have done, rite? lol. just in case you're curious, no she doesn't look like me at all. i also wondered if he still keeps his silly promise. nah, i don't think so. i guess not after all these time, moreover after finding another crush!

this is getting ridiculous so i'm gonna stop now, hahahah. okay, i kinda miss you, you know. eventhough it was just a little bite of my life; a quick sinful game, probably a mistake (a sweet one, that is), i didn't even regret it once. i didn't regret greeting you that day. i didn't regret hearing that confession. sometimes i wish that i will meet another someone like you someday. you are admirable, i wanted you to know that and i did told you :)

live a long happy journey, keropi!

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