Friday, February 11, 2011

the secret's in the telling.

i wonder.
if i keep on rambling about this one person,
i'm pretty sure that soon everyone will recognize who is 'he' refers to.
or probably you guys have already known by now?


then i'd have a favor to ask.

even when you'd clearly found out who it is,
would you pretend that you don't know?

yes, you might realize my struggle upon hiding it.
you might guess how many smiles i'm faking everyday.

though i keep on giving advice on how important it is to
be honest to yourself,
seems like i'm the one who cannot do myself.
it's too hard, you see.

they say crush stays for four months,
and it would therefore be called love only when it lasts longer.

i wish i would have been able to kill this feeling,
before the spring blooms.

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