Sunday, March 13, 2011

won't miss a thing.

thank you for today
for the endurance
for keeping the drowse and tiredness aside
for the smiles
for forcing self to join 
for the linking fingers
for staying around
for the attention
for walking on the out side on the sidewalk
for the intention
for pushing the trolley and keeping the shopping bags
for the effort
for struggling to get the bears
for the courtesy
for opening the doors and letting in first
for the compromise
for letting us to have the cups
for the affection
for giving snuggles and bit
for the compliment
for telling me that everything is okay
for the apologies
for trying to make me stop sulking
for the confession
for saying you want me to stay longer
for the gratitude
for being thankful for today
for the surprise present
for making me feel this way
it's little things you do
that makes me fall even harder everytime :)

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