Wednesday, December 21, 2011


this is a story of a girl
she is not a little girl
yet not a woman

she lives in her own world
where orderliness are an absolute necessity to be fulfilled
she plans every single detail
she predicts things precisely

so every time the universe betrays her
when the situation doesn't please her needs
she goes furious
she throws tantrums
she blames her surroundings
she wants to change them
she would like to get what she wants
and she wants it badly

what she does not know is
being bossy and sulky
will not get her anywhere

she is just being a kid who wants to get his toys
she simply wants things to resolve around her

but unfortunately
the world does not work that way

so would you help this girl?
she starts to hate people just because they never be able to satisfy her expectation.
she starts to throw her dream away because the path doesn't seem so smooth.
she might be around, yelling at people to change,
but she is the one who is in need to be changed eventually

she is hopeless
you need to save her before she goes too deep into her rampage


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