Monday, January 9, 2012

a sky full of lighters.

there was this time when i got totally surprised by a bestie's statement:
she wanted to continue her study in Ottawa.

yes, that Ottawa right over the globe, far-off to the north, in Canada.
that one which is 15,730 kilometers away from home.
it even takes over 20 hours flight, not including the transit.
man, aren't you insane? was exactly what i told her back then.
i knew she was feeling dejected and desperate.
it was our last minutes in high school.
we were about to have our final exams.
she was hurt, heartbroken, clueless,
still not knowing and possibly trying to not even care,
where does she belong to,
where should she go.
she just want to run away. far from troubles.
but she remembered to cling to one thing,
even during that most terrible downfall time of her life.
of course it's her faith to God that keeps her going,
but she surely did not let go of her dream.
she refused to give up after those long months
of waiting and rejection.
no matter what she insisted on getting through with it.
she was ready to put everything she had on the line,
even if that means she had to move so far away.
and yea, she finally got it.

this is a story of the big dream i have posted over two years ago.
she did not eventually go to Ottawa, she stays here in Denpasar.
in facts, she is the only one staying here at home
while us, the others, scatter all over the cities.
but she did not regret. she is soon to be a doctor anyway.
like what she is always wanting to be.
her true story has always been my inspiration.
to take a huge leap of risk. to always be eager on advancing.
it still feels funny whenever i look back to this past,
and find how dream actually worked in the way we could not predict
to turn themselves into today's reality.
only if we are strong enough to hold onto it.

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