Sunday, June 28, 2015

this is a confession.

more than the sunlight that got through the coffee shop glass wall,
more than a scenic alley in Omotesando,
more than the Tuna Salad Crispy Mentai
or Salmon Belly Sushi,
more than the world-champion Chai Tea Latte served at Two Hands Full,
more than New York,
more than the first snow I experienced in DC,
more than a bouquet full of Baby's Breath,
more than (500) Days of Summer that I watched over 20 times,
more than Nasi Padang pakai Rendang,
more than random adventures on subways and buses in a stranger city,
more than breakfast in bed,
more than the smell of Wakai store,
more than cuddles and kisses,
more than warm shower before bed
and fluffy blanket and air-con,
more than a cup of bubble milk tea,
more than the Korean TV show that I watch every other week,
more than the infinity pool and cerulean-colored ocean,
more than cycling around Higashi-Hiroshima in early August,
more than strolling in the grocery stores,
more than a sky full of stars,
more than Sam Smith's voice,
more than the soft- baked chocolate chips cookies,
more than kittens and Pusheen,
more than a nice 120 mins session of spa,
more than the semester breaks in uni,
more than anything in this universe, baby,
I love you.

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