Friday, October 23, 2015

i do.

how do you know
that it is 'the' right moment
to say - "yes."?

how do you know
that you will want to spend every single day
with this one person and no one else?
how do you know that you won't wake up one day and decide to change your mind?

how do you know
that you would rather eat your favorite sushi alone for the rest of your life
rather than having someone else takes you to a fancy sushi place for a date
because sushi is the one thing he cannot stand?

how do you know
that you can bravely vow in front of the cross
that you will survive through the better and the worse
knowing that each other might be the only thing you have in this world?

you will just know,
they said.
when it is time,
and when it is the right one,
you will just know.

and i guess,
that is truly how it works.

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