Hi, this is Angelith. To those who have not, or barely know me; Angelith stands for Angelina-Lydia.

I'm a twentythree-year-old phlegmatic-melancholic, an ISFP, an honored-to-be Virgoan. A hypsophile (note: a HUGE fan of height and flying) who has serious problem being a klutz. Beware, as some people said, clumsiness is contagious. I constantly wonder why humans do not own maine coon tails and toes which look like beans, just because I would like to.

Born and raised in Bali, I finished my three and a half years uni life in gloomy Bandung and currently reside in one of the busiest capital cities in the world: Jakarta, Indonesia. While I'm not busy managing a supermarket (the real one, not as in a Facebook game or anything), I'm a mind traveller, part-time net geek, socialita wannabe, good foods lover, fashion enthusiast, picture capturer, a proud daughter, sister, and partner-in-crime. Major obsessions include number 14, skyscrapers, flight turbulence, fluffy stuffs, frozen desserts, le goĆ»ter, tea, kitties, nice talks, night scene, warm blanket and cuddling beneath it.

For your additional information, I'm around 5' and my hair is naturally wavy. Lately my fashion interest has been much into Mori Girl and Tricia Gosingtian's sophisti-cute style. I prefer natural and soft colors with minimal accents, autumn outfits, mini dresses and collar shirts, high heels, and tiny satchel bags. Eyeliner is my bestest partner :)

Much love,

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